Imagine the Fun You Will Have on a Scuba Diving Liveaboard Journey

Have you ever thought about taking an exotic vacation?  Somewhere far away from the hotels the theater shows and the malls?  Then think about a scuba diving liveaboard journey!

When you choose a scuba diving “liveaboard” journey, you are not just taking a scuba diving adventure.  You literally live aboard the cruiser—for days on end!  It’s the perfect vacation because it is a cross between a cruise ship luxury holiday and an outdoor adventure complete with scuba diving, snorkeling and many other activities.

You Will Have Plenty to See

What can you expect from liveaboard scuba diving?  First, never feel threatened.  In fact, it’s sometimes annoying how often the crew does safety checks, just to make sure no one is ever faced with Maldives Underwater Reef Shark 580x403 Imagine the Fun You Will Have on a Scuba Diving Liveaboard Journeyadangerous situation.  Then, the crew takes you aboard one of the ships (there are several, and each contains its own personality and level of luxury), and then chart a course.  Along the way, you will get
to see spectacular scenery involving the best of Maldives, including the ocean, islands and marine life from above the surface of the water.

Now when it’s actually time to scuba liveaboard style, you will see unbelievable sights, like rainbow-colored coral reefs and aquatic animals.  What are some of the species of life to look forward to?  We’re talking whale sharks, manta rays, reef sharks, napoleon wrasse and many other smaller fish.  You will literally see schools of fish passing by your head and the colors are unimaginable.  It’s definitely something to experience!

You Will Have Plenty To Do

However, the point of scuba liveaboards adventures is that there is more to see than just underwater life.  You can also come back to the cruise and enjoy hotel-quality cabins, lots of space to move around in, social activities, cooked meals, drinks and a very friendly staff.  Comfortable home settings wait for you here, such as air-conditioned rooms and hot showers.  Imagine what it would be like to spend a night under the stars and looking into the sky from the ocean with your sweetheart!

beachBBQdeco2 300x199 Imagine the Fun You Will Have on a Scuba Diving Liveaboard JourneyBesides luxurious amenities you can also enjoy an island visit for dinner, volleyball and football games (the staff is always eager to play!) and even snorkeling activities if scuba diving is too deep a thought for you.  There is also plenty of fishing activity to enjoy and you can catch red snapper, barracuda, tuna, jackfish and grouper, all of which the cook will make into a fine meal immediately after your catch.

Although carrying alcoholic beverages aboard is banned, you can still enjoy drinks courtesy of a licensed and trained bartender.  Airport travel is also provided, including a trip to and from the airport.  Safety is always a top priority here, as there is no diving activities scheduled in the last 24 hours of the trip, just to make sure guests are ready to fly.

Why not come experience an exotic vacation like no other?  It’s not just an adventure, it is an adventure and a spiritual journey!

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